Australia tour of india 2017

Australia tour of india 2017

India fail to face spin Bowling

At the MCA Stadium in Pune though, the piece of wood that has been salivated over for the last six months, one that gave reassurance to anxious Indians and acted as the oasis of calm in prevailing chaos all around didn’t even meet the ball. In fact it was taken away from the little red thing whirring towards it. The fortress didn’t have to be breached, the gate was left open. As an imagery, there was none better to describe India’s capitulation. The Pied Piper had forgotten his flute.

For good measure, Kohli turned around at least on three occasions to see whether his stumps actually had been knocked back. Each time he turned, the scene behind him only looked graver.

The target of 441 was not even in question. When India came out to bat it was only a question of how long they could survive. So well have they batted as a unit during the home season that you believed that the first innings submission was a freak misadventure not to be repeated again. But it was only to get worse. The Indian second innings only lasted 33.5 overs even if they bettered their first innings total of 105 by two runs, and it was O’Keefe again who ran through them with a second six-wicket haul to end up with the second-most economical 12-wicket match haul in the last 100 years.

It also brought to an end Australia’s Test-win drought on Indian soil that had lasted 4,502 days—a figure which was revealed by skipper and handed India their first defeat on home soil in 52 months. No wonder then that Smith & Co hung around in the changing-rooms of the MCA Stadium for many hours following the fall of the last wicket and were heard singing raucously even long after the Pune sun had disappeared behind the hills for good. The underdogs from Down Under had just bitten into the No.1 Test team’s incredible unbeaten run and sounded like they would be keen for a “hair of the dog” remedy come Sunday morning.

The middle-order collapse might not have been statistically as dramatic as the first innings, when India lost 7 for 11 but 7 for 30 is bad enough. It was one of those abject displays that we’ve seen from Indian teams overseas where the wheels don’t just come off, they seem to have been never installed in the first place.

Unlike the first innings where he fell to a loose swipe off Mitchell Starc, Kohli hung around for a while here. The pitch was only getting tougher. And the Australian spin duo was on a roll. The openers had not only come and gone with no impact; they’d also taken the two DRS reviews with them. Kohli plodded and prodded for a few balls. But like the other Indian batsmen he too seemed to have not picked up from Smith’s excellent exhibition of batting against spin earlier in the day. Rather than stay back and play the ball late, he kept lunging forward and looking to put bat to ball rather than the other way around. That is before he shouldered arms. The other batsmen simply surrendered without a trace of defiance.

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